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Our Mission

Our purpose driven breeding program uses visual appraisal and objective measurement to breed the sheep for a modern market — a bulk of soft, fine, well-nourished wool on a productive, framey sheep from a fertile mother.

A Family Operation

We are a family operation of dedicated sheep breeders with a love for what we do and a commitment to our industry. Our studs have significant flock size, giving us the depth to class heavily and strictly to our breeding parameters.

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150 Yrs of Breeding

We started breeding the balanced Merino demanded by today’s market two decades ago. The Woodpark vision of 20 years ago is evident in our sheep today: free, easy-care, productive sheep; with big square frames and a bulk of soft, quality wool.

The Woodpark Difference

Because our Poll and Merino studs are run separately at different, each year we join our best Merino ewes to Merinos and our best Poll Merino ewes to Poll Merino rams, meaning our Polls have been a priority since we started breeding them more than 25 years ago. Our rams and ewes are benchmarked annually, for the profit drivers of wool cut, quality and sheep weight. Breeding from within for generations of sheep means the genetics are predictable and repeatable. Any introductions are judiciously selected and their progeny evaluated against our own sheep before their inclusion in our breeding.

Livestock is our sole business, so our breeding program is immersed in reality.

A Balanced Animal with Options 

  • Merinos with wool and meat capacity, fertility, predictable genetics
  • Large Riverina frame
  • Consistently high lambing percentage (clients average 100-120%) from productive, fertile ewes — with the sheep’s history of high fertility enhanced by body shape
  • Productive 7.5-8kg wool cuts
  • 2800 head stud flock averages 19.2 micron
  • 5500 head commercial flock averages 19.4 micron
  • Poll and Merino lambs to finish into 25kg+ lamb carcase
  • 17-18 micron weaner wool with premium wool prices
  • Big, framey, 75kg average live weight ewes deliver marketing choice
  • Proven sheep sale results from sought-after genetics in saleyards