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Sale Report – 2020

Woodpark Poll rams exceeded all expectations at our 2020 annual ram sale in Jerilderie. Out of 140 penned rams, 137 were sold at the auction with 10 more sold in the following days. Overall the sale averaged a $500 jump on last year’s prices. Tupra Pastoral secured the top priced ram for the sale, paying $13,000. Tupra’s owner Fergus McLachlan and manager Mick Flattery snatched up ram number 81, who had the highest index figures in the catalogue.

Their ram was a 19.8-micron poll, son of the stud’s leading sire, 16058 with a yearling weaning weight of 10.8, MP of 177 and dual-purpose index of 166. This particular ram was an August drop, bringing a fresh start to the sale that stood out amongst others, hence being in the top 5% of the stud. He has also been used for several artificial insemination studs for his index numbers and wool characteristics. Buyers chasing both affordable and quality stud rams secured a ram fit for their purpose from prices, $1600 to $13000.

Significant buyers included Coghill farming trust who picked 7 high performing rams, their highest paid ram was a 17.6 micron poll whose dual-purpose index was 146 and yearling weight 7.7. Mccorkell Pastoral and Klepend Pty secured 9 rams each, with Mccorkell buying number 19, 18.3 micron and a dual-purpose index of 137. Klepend Pty similarly snatched up ram number 119, with a 19.4-micron, 5.0 yearling weight and a 137 dual-purpose index. The Kreutzberger family bought five rams at the sale, all consistent numbers including ram 41, whose dual index of 145 and 20.6 micron stood out in the sale. The Houston family, ‘Budgewah Pastoral Co’, operated at the sale and selected privately, securing 10 rams altogether, varying 122 to 146 in dual-purpose index and their top yearling weight being 6.5. Other volume private buyers included the Ryan family, ‘The Homestead’, Butchers at ‘Bronte’ Mossgel, and the Armstrongs, ‘Corynnia’, who picked their most profitable rams.

For more than 16 years Woodpark Poll rams have provided sheep farmers from all over Australia with rams whose versatility and productivity thrive in various climates and environments. Through constantly updated technologies and strategies like ASBVs and genetic modifications, the stud prioritises their client’s desirable traits in a ram.

Overall, we hope everyone enjoyed the day and thank you to all our current and future clients for supporting us. We look forward to seeing you on September 21st in Jerilderie next year (2021).

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