Woodpark Poll Merino

Woodpark Wool

A bulk of soft, quality, wool is the hallmark of Woodpark sheep

The stud is known for its soft handling medium wools, with the ewe breeding flock averaging 19.3 micron across the Polls and Merinos. We aim to deliver a soft, well-aligned, well nourished medium wool suited to a range of environments.

Today’s Woodpark sheep have a soft, mobile skin with a high fibre population delivering soft, goof processing types of wools. Because our transition of type has been so gradual we have been able to continue to emphasise wool quality and quantity.

Weather trial evaluation

We and several client flocks have taken part in a number of wether trials in the past few years. These trials do not measure every aspect of a sheep’s performance, in particular their reproductive ability. However their many benefits include the ability to have an independent assessment of a trait such as wool.

Trail results show the Woodpark wool consistently above average for wool cut and below average in micron, across specific trails. In the PWMMC, managed by Bluechip Livestock and NSW Agriculture. Woodpark Poll client flocks are tracking at sixth and eighth of 50 teams for wool in the Peter Westblade Memorial Merino Challenge, while in the recent Craig Wilson Livestock two stage wether trials, Woodpark Poll blood commercial sheep from the “Eurolie” Hay flock had above average fleece weight and below average micron in both parts of the trial. In the Bookham wether trial the “Eurolie” wethers are running first for bodyweight and sixth for wool after the July 2012 shearing.

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