Woodpark Poll Merino

About Woodpark Poll and Poll Merino Studs

Our Vision

Woodpark’s continuing emphasis is to maintain a medium wool flock producing sheep with excellent commercial characteristics.

We use traditional breeding principles and objectively measured characteristics to help maintain a sound breeding objective, to produce merinos with:

The sheep are run under natural conditions on the Riverina Plains, allowing our clients to select from sheep displaying strong constitutions and sound performance.

Breeding Aims



Founded in 1863, Woodpark was registered as Mulwala stud, stud number 62 by Alexander Sloane.

The stud was founded on Riverina bloodlines with Wanganella and Wanganella Estate bloodlines the major influences by the early 1900s.

In 1975 the Wood Park property and the then named Mulwala stud, were taken over by the Huggins family. The Huggins’ later renamed the stud Woodpark to reflect the property name and a new era began for Woodpark.

In the 1980s the continuing decline in incomes from Merino flocks provided stimulus for diversification into irrigation, cereal crops, Shorthorn cattle and the formation of a Poll Merino stud.

The Huggins family started breeding Poll Merinos in the early 1980s, with the stud registered in 1992.

In 1991 ‘Eurolie’, Hay, was purchased to provide additional grazing resources for the Woodpark Poll Merino stud and to provide pastoral grazing as cereal farming and irrigation were becoming a more regular part of the production mix at Woodpark.

Today, the Woodpark operation is still managed as a family operation, with Doug, Owen and Helen Huggins and Margaret Munro continuing their family‘s work; while Stephen and Carol Huggins are striving to replicate this commitment to excellence in breeding and a sense of the commercial realities of life.

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