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For over 17 years, we have been dominant at Australia’s largest wether trial, the Peter Westblade Merino wether trial, named the most profitable bloodline with 50 bloodlines and 400 teams.

We are a family operation of dedicated sheep breeders with a love for what we do and a commitment to our industry.

Our long established studs have significant flock size, with more than 2800 ewes, giving us the depth to class heavily and strictly to our breeding parameters. Because our Poll and Merino studs are run separately at different properties, each year we join our best Merino ewes to Merinos and our best Poll Merino ewes to Poll Merino rams. Last year’s Poll shearing grown ewes averaged 8.2kg of 18.2 micron, with a micron spred of 17.7-18.7 across the ewe flock.

Our rams and ewes are benchmarked annually, for the profit drivers of wool cut, quality and sheep weight. Breeding from within for generations of sheep means the genetics are predictable and repeatable. Any introductions are judiciously selected and their progeny evaluated against our own sheep before their inclusion in our breeding.

Livestock is our sole business, so our breeding program is immersed in reality.

Breeding Towards Today’s Merino for More than 20 Years

We started breeding the balanced Merino demanded by today’s market two decades ago. The stable genetics have allowed us to build towards today’s free, easy-care, productive sheep; with big square frames and a bulk of soft, quality wool. The Woodpark vision of 20 years ago is evident in our sheep today.

A Balanced Animal with Options

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